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Tailored Fit has a unique approach to business, education, and community development consulting.   

Tailored Fit 


"Education designed just for YOU!"

Tailored Fit is a national professional development company headquartered in central Ohio.  Our purpose is to offer specifically designed job-embedded professional development to partnering schools, higher education, community agencies, businesses, local school districts, and State Departments of Education. 
We believe in empowering educators with resources that are tailored to address their unique needs in an effort to support all learners.  Tailored Fit Consulting is designed just for YOU!








Our Fabric



A unique group of invested professionals who Train, Facilitate, and Manage various forms of customized consulting.






Our Commitment


To provide exceptional service to YOU!


Dr.Love Benton.png

Dr. Love Benton


Dr. Maria Houston

20+ Years 

Clinical Psychologist

MALIK Headshot 21'.jpeg

Malik Moore

25+ Years

Education / Community


James White Sr.

50+ Years

Master Trainer

Fariha headshot-2.jpeg

Fariha Tayyab

10+ Years

Creative Strategies 

Kwame Christian Headshot .jpeg

Kwame Christian

15+ Years

Law & Negotiation 

Dr. Jennifer Headshot - .jpeg

Dr. Jenn Kelly

25+ Years

Higher Ed. Development

Jasper Person HEADSHOT_1.jpg

Jasper Person

15+ Years

Coach of Coaches 


Additional Partners


  • Oleatha Waugh 

  • Dr. Kevin Dixon 

  • Ernest Levert Jr

  • Vince Coleman 

  • Dr. Linda Gibson

  • Dr. Abigal James

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